1. Handheld Fan


handheld fan


The perfect addition to your handbag, I always have one in mine all year round. Don’t get caught in a hot spot on the bus or the tube again! I also took one to wedding and even the bride and groom borrowed it! This one folds down small enough to be lightweight and very portable, also has a torch and can be used as an emergency power bank for your phone.

This handheld fan comes in 5 colour options and over 8k 5 star reviews worldwide.


2. JML Chillmax Cooling Pillow



This is George’s favourite (teenager approved). This blue mat lives in your fridge to keep cool and when desired you can put it in your pillow case or sit with it how you please. When I was pregnant with Arthur I would sit on one and then have one round my neck. They stay cold for around an hour. This is enough time to help you fall asleep if using them in bed.

I have also seen pet versions of these.


3. Neck Fan



These are so useful to keep you cool whilst keeping your hands free. Great whilst working round the house, in the garden, walking round a theme park maybe!? So many scenarios where these will keep you cool with no hassle. The kids also loved these on holiday. Although I would say they are loud the noise from the fan is near your ears so they do block out some sound…I know some of you will be okay with that lol.


4. Standing Fan


There’s many options of standing fans. Our two favourites are a cheap one we bought from B&Q many years ago and our Dyson one. It took me a while to get used to the Dyson but here’s what I like about it. It has 10 speeds, a remote control and its super light making it easy to move. When the temperature is cooler the Dyson fan feels like air con but when the heat wave is on I don’t think it’s much cooler than any other fan we own. It looks fabulous in the bedroom and I use this all year round. Perfect for night sweats when sometime all you need is a continuous low breeze to get you off to sleep.

Dyson Fan



Standing Fan



5. Stroller Fan


I bought this to test for my followers genuinely expecting it to be a waste of money and reporting that back…..BUT NO! We took this on holiday and Jacob and I said it was the best fan we had. It attached to the pram to cool Arthur, we attached it to the prams handle to cool ourselves down. Jacob now uses it on his desk at home. It’s a great little fan with many uses not just for your buggy.


Thank you for reading my blog! See you next time!

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