3 Easy Ways To Fold and Organise Your Jeans



One of my frequently asked questions is “should I store my jeans on a shelf or in a drawer?” My answer to this is it really depends on your space, your needs and your wants

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What does your space look?
  • Which other clothes do you need to store?
  • Do you want your jeans in the most accessible space?
  • How often do you wear your jeans?
  • How many pairs of jeans do you own?
  • What aesthetic are you going for?

You must answer this question based on your own personal answers to these questions and think of your after value.

What I can do is give you all the options,  so here are my top 3 methods you can easily set up in your home to store your jeans:

Method 1 – How to Organise your Jeans into a Drawer

Jeans organised into a drawer is my favourite because it is the easiest to keep tidy. They keep tidy because we use file folding meaning the jeans are all standing up and visible. This makes selection quicker and putting away easier but also, they just keep tidy this way because you don’t have to move one pair to get to another.


If you want make clear compartments in your drawers then use drawer dividers, they are one of the best organising investments you can start with for folding clothes.

TOP TIP! Put the jeans you wear the most at the front of the drawer as this is the most accessible place.


Method 2 – How to Organise your Jeans onto a Shelf




Jeans on a shelf can really give you that shop boutiquey look! I always find them aesthetically pleasing on a shelf as we generally buy the same shapes, jeans have similar looks and they don’t have too many different colour ways.

You can use shelf dividers to support your piles, shelf dividers also allow you to fit more on your shelf as you can place the piles of jeans closer together. And I love these wardrobe sensor lights (Linked at end) to finish off that shop look (and make sure you can see on those dark mornings!)! I use these in so many places around my house, they are a Folding Fam top seller.

TOP TIP! Make sure you put the jeans you wear often in the most accessible position, such as the top of the pile.


Method 3 – The Drawer/Shelf Method



This method combines the first two. I love this method for a shelf as you can create that closed wardrobe look with matching baskets or storage boxes whilst making the most of your shelf space.

For this you will use the drawer folds linked in Method 1 and store the jeans in baskets or boxes that fit your shelf. If you cannot see inside your baskets, use labels which I have linked at the end.

TOP TIP! If you have a column of shelves, store the jeans you wear the most on the shelf that is hand height. This means you’ll have to do less bending and reaching when accessing your jeans and putting them away.


Remember the more accessible your favourite clothes are the more likely you are to wear them and the more motivated you will be to put them away because it will be quicker and easier.

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