Welcome to The Folding Lady book club. An exclusive group of us who not only love to fold and organize but also love to read. I often posted books I was reading on my IG stories and after many requests I decided to start the Book Club. With over 2,000 followers on Instagram we have enjoyed a number of books so far and given some very honest and differing reviews. 

The book club has taught me that one person can love a book and one person can think the opposite and thats the beauty of it. 

So every month we pick a book and at the end come together and review it on a post. It’s a quiet book club perfect for those who enjoy a recommendation, looking to getting back in to reading or already avid readers. 

So follow us on Instagram @thefoldingladybookclub and lets read together. 


Sophie x

Aprils Reading List…

In March we read “The Reading List” by Sara Nisha Adams which inspired our choice for Aprils read. 

The Reading List was as follows and this month we are choosing any book from the list to read:

To Kill a Mockingbird


Life of Pi

The Kite Runner 

Pride and Prejudice 

Little Women

A Suitable Boy