The Folding Lady Book

This book has literally changed my life, I follow The Folding Lady on Insta and TikTok, so couldn’t wait for the book. Loads od really good tips about how you can organise your home and therefore your life!! All the tips are easy to do as well and leave you thinking, how have I not done this before in my life! Great read, the book will not disappoint !! cant praise enough…..

Amazon Customer

What's in the book?

The book comes in two parts. In Part 1 Sophie introduces herself and talks about her time in retail, her first folding experience and her journey on social media. She also details her philsophy and how she came to that philosphy. Going into detail about how she was on a journey from wanting what everyone else had and ending up with a home full of crap to searching for happiness through the simple things in life like folding, organising, baking, reading, walking etc.

In Part 2 Sophie has chosen all of her and her followers favourite folds for clothing, towels, travel, napkins and gift wrap. Step by step illustrations allow the reader to give them a go. And if they need further instruction they can visit any of Sophie’s social channels for video content.

“It has been amazing to be able to write down my thought process of why I do what I do. That’s something I find a little difficult on socials…” Sophie