Dock and Bay Towels



The beach towel I never knew I needed, now I’m a D&B convert and I can never go back!

Compared to a normal bathroom towel these are undoubtedly designed for travel, the beach and/or a trip to the swimming pool. Apart from saving so much space in your suitcase, they dry so quickly it’s like you’ve got a fresh towel every time you take a dip and are sand free! There are a number of designs such as the standard beach towel in many sizes, the kids or adults poncho and dog towels. We think Deborah Meaden chose well investing in this company on Dragons Den and we highly recommend a browse of the Dock and Bay Amazon Shop!


After Value:

  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Sand resistant
  • All stains washed out at 40c
  • All towels come with its own bag, I used it for my iPhone
  • 100% recycled material
  • No damp smells
  • Choice of 4 sizes ranging from medium to double extra large
  • Comes in extra small child sizes (2-4 yrs)
  • Range of child and adult ponchos


Top Tip! All towels come with a little bag, I used it for my phone when I was by the pool



I bought the Peach Sunrise  in large for my holiday to Cyprus and it was a perfect size.

The regular Amazon deal to look out for is 20% off when you buy 2.