How to fold a burrito

On TikTok “The Kids” tell me everything I fold looks like a burrito. The Kids of TikTok are also constantly requesting for me to show them how to fold a burrito, so here it is! As The Folding Lady there are no folding skills I cannot master! From clothes to food I’ll take any request.

Here’s my step by step guide on folding a burrito.

TOP TIP! If you want your burrito crispy my advice is to fold it first and then toast it.

  1. place you filling in the bottom half of the wrap.

2. Fold in the sides of your wrap.

3. Fold up the bottom of your wrap, tucking in the bottom corners as you do this.

4. Roll your wrap up until it is fully rolled.

5. When your wrap is rolled it will look like this.

6. The sides of your wrap will look like this.

7. You now have a burrito! Cut it in half, serve and enjoy!

Video Tutorial

You might like to watch my video tutorial on How to Fold a Burrito…

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