How to fold jeans & organize on a shelf

Folding jeans on a shelf can really give you that shop boutiquey look! I always find them aesthetically pleasing on a shelf as we generally buy the same shapes, jeans have similar looks and they don’t have too many different colour ways.

You can use shelf dividers to support your piles, shelf dividers also allow you to fit more on your shelf as you can place the piles of jeans closer together. And I love these wardrobe sensor lights (Linked at end) to finish off that shop look (and make sure you can see on those dark mornings!)! I use these in so many places around my house, they are a Folding Fam top seller.

TOP TIP! Make sure you put the jeans you wear often in the most accessible position, such as the top of the pile.

Organize jeans on a shelf
Fold jeans on a shelf to save space

Folding jeans on a shelf tutorials

You might like to watch my YouTube video which shows you how to fold jeans to save space on a shelf!

I’ve also written about other ways to fold jeans!

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