The Best No Show Socks



I have struggled to find no show socks that don’t end up in the toes of my trainers or cut off my blood circulation for years! Now, I’ve found them!


With summer coming up and my new Reeboks purchased (shop my Reeboks UK) I was in the mood to find the perfect no show sock. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased socks from Amazon, but I started there having seen another influencer based in USA talk about her no show socks being so good. 

I couldn’t  remember the brand she spoke about so I found the ones with the most reviewed and blind ordered. The first day I wore them the aftervalue started streaming in! Soft, comfy, elastic not to tight and most importantly stayed on my feet!!!

I can confirm I have washed them on a 30 degree wash and then Jacob was efficient enough to put the washing I had done in the drier and they came out fine. Bonus!

You can buy them in grey, white and black. With pack options of one colour or mixed.

These get 5 stars from me!