Sophie Liard aka The Folding Lady

Sophie started The Folding Lady in 2019 at the start of the global pandemic. Her folding skills were learnt in the department store she worked in from the age of 16. She was taught to fold by many prestigous brands such as DKNY, Ralph Lauren and 7forallmankind. She transferred her folding and merchanding skills from store to home and now shares her magic with others through her social media platform and first book: The Folding Lady.

Photo credit: Max Rose-Fyne

I’ve been reading your book, just got to the aftervalue chapter. I’d like to say that just in the first couple of chapters you’ve helped me realise I don’t need to over buy (I’m so bad for this) and you’ve already helped my mental health. I’ve learnt a lot about myself through my recovery (mental health breakdown) but your book is really resonating with me and helping me so much more to realise true happiness, that I don’t need to keep chasing for others have. Thank you so much, your book is really giving me true after value and is already changing my life ❤️ Also just add I know it’s not aimed at mental health specifically but I’ve read lots of therapy/mental health books and used lots of self help tools and products but your book is the best thing I’ve read or used during my recovery xx

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