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Written By Sophie Liard


There are a few different types of drawer dividers, here I’ll explain my top 3 options to help you choose the ones that will last for years to come in your home.

“Make sure you measure your drawers to ensure you choose the correct size dividers”

Option 1 – my top pick

The first options are my top pick which I use in my home. They have a great height so fit in most drawers and the height is what really supports your folds. They are the most cost effective for the quality. The locking mechanism and the extendability is the most reliable of all the drawer dividers.

A good price for these is £5 or under per divider. They do not often go on offer but when they do it takes them under £5 per divider.

For shoppers in the USA and Canada you guys have a longer version to choose from, so always measure.

For my UK folders you can find the longer option here.


Bamboo drawer dividers are my second recommendation as they are the non-plastic option. Please note on that some are delivered in plastic packaging in the box.

Like option one these are very hard wearing and would suit a natural aesthetic if that is your style.

The extend with a spring so these will put some pressure on the back of your drawers. I would only recommend if the panel at the back of your drawers is strong.

One more thing to consider is that these only come in the short height so you will miss that extra support for you larger folds. The height of these are perfect for smaller folds such as underwear and socks.

They come in 2 length options so always measure before purchasing.


I’m finishing with the iDesign Linus drawer dividers. In the past these would not have made my list of recommendations BUT I have since discovered the taller option and they are more often on sale so I like them better!

They are the pricer of all the drawer dividers but they fit that clear aesthetic a lot of you are after. And if you are using iDesign products around the rest of your home, everything will match nicely.

The locking mechanism is not my fav but not a deal breaker. For your smaller folds such as underwear the shorter option will be fine, for everything else I recommend the taller (deep) option.


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