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Written By Sophie Liard

My favourite spf50

I’m over trying to get a tan and I’m more interested in taking care of my skin. The most consistent message I keep hearing from dermatologists to slow signs of aging and protect your skin is to use SPF50 EVERY DAY! So that’s what I’ve been doing consistently for over a year now.

I have a number of SPF50s that I use for different circumstances; holidays, daily use, protecting the kids skin etc.

In my search for a great SPF50 here are the ones I’ve settled on and why…

1. Paula’s Choice Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid

I use this when I am wearing makeup. It’s the only one I can find that doesn’t break down my foundation. It also doesn’t leave that white cast on your skin. I can only describe the texture as like single cream. It’s not at all greasy, absorbs quickly and causes no flashback which you often find with suncreams.

I’m also looking for my daily use SPF50 to moisturise which this one does, saves me adding an extra step to my routine and buying more products.

The reason I only use this when I’m wearing makeup is because its quite spenny, I will show you the cheaper one I have next.

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2. Beauty of joseon – relief sun : rice + probiotics spf50+ pa++++

This is the one I use when I’m not wearing makeup. It’s a lot cheaper so saves my Paula’s Choice. This is the first Korean beauty product I’ve tried. I saw skincare journalist @Simone Gannon recommend it on her instagram and was influenced.

It doesn’t sit aswell under my makeup as the Paula’s Choice option. It also leaves a little white cast but I will say that doesn’t stay, it does absorb eventually. It’s also a moisturiser. For the price it is excellent and I’m excited to try more from this brand.

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Now…..what an interesting product this is. I was recommended this by you lot on Instagram. I’m a massive fan on the ALTRUIST sun creams, which we’ll get onto next, so had a lot of faith this would be good.

It’s a tinted moisturiser that starts off green…yes you heard me green! Then as you apply it to your face…I use a brush…it turns to the colour of your skin and I can confirm it matched my skin perfectly, evening out my skin tone.

It lasts well on my face all day but there’s something about it that’s not making me replace my daily foundation just yet. The price is fantastic, very affordable as is all the ALTRUIST products.

I will however be taking it on holiday with me and wearing when I feel like I want a bit of coverage by the pool…perfect for that situation. I have also been wearing on non makeup days where I feel I’d like a little coverage on my skin but no other makeup.

This one is constantly sold out so good luck and if your see it in stock be sure to message me please!

4. Altruist – sunscreen range

I put the following question out on my IG stories “tell me your fave SPF50 that doesn’t irritate your skin?” And ALTRUIST was by far the most recommended brand. I bought it all for my holiday and now I’m hooked.

So much after value I got with this brand:

  • didn’t irritate Arthur’s skin
  • easy to apply with many choices of dispensers
  • no white cast
  • affordable prices across the whole range
  • not one of us burnt and we all got a nice tan

I took all three of the above on our family holiday. I ended up using the family sun spray the most on the kids because it was just very easy to spray them all over.

We found ourselves topping up sporadically with the aerosol spray. The reviews for this one online are saying most peoples cans are breaking, ours didn’t so hopefully they sorted this fault by the time I bought ours.

If you are carrying hand luggage I recommend the cream in the squeeze bottles as they are the correct size for security.

This brand has a great story behind it so I encourage you to visit their website. I will not be needing to look for sun creams any longer now I have found this brand. Five stars from me!

For the links I can’t find this brand in the US or Canada but I buy mine from Amazon so if you see it let me know so I can share. Many thanks!

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